Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yesterday was our once weekly day together. I went out to the boogies to get my dear daughter and my sweeties. Miss Ginny, who had just woke up from a nap was not in the mood to pick lunch, she said that she didn't need food. Her mother looked at me and said "see how she can be, I wondered all the time where she gets it from." A course my answer was "look in the mirror." My DD thinks that she is the only mother that has a hard time with moody children who will not eat, clean their room (help clean, that is), etc. etc. I try and tell her mothers through out history have been dealing with the moods of their children be they 2 or will always be the same. Well to settle the lunch choice my DD pick the place to eat..everyone ate but Miss Ginny, her lunch came home to Nana's house where she gave it to Pops in exchange for a P&J sandwich. Kids! you got to love them.. ~~smiles~~

So after a long day together shopping and just having fun my darling Miss Ginny decided that she would spend the night with us. This meant a change in the choice of DVD that we were going to see. My DS and I had rented the Diary of the Dead. This as you all know is not the DVD for a four year old. So we watched Happy Feet once again and when this was over and all the bed time stories were read, she laid down on our bed to go to sleep. Now she isn't all that big. She is about 3 ft. tall and about 40lbs. My DH and I have a Cal. King bed so you would think that there would be lots of room for all but this little girl can and will take over the whole thing. She started on the far side of the bed and by this morning she had managed to slowly move my DH and I off and out of the bed. So when we came to wake her up for breakfast she was sideways across the bed with all the quilts piled all around her. She is by far the Queen of the bed hoggs. hehehe

Well we have lots of places to go to today before we bring our sweetie home so until we meet again ~~smiles~~

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Primgal55 said...

I can't wait for grand kids to spend the day with!!

thanks for stopping by, hugs, Linda