Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oneheart Event

Lisa over at Heart of the Nest is hosting One world-One Heart. So I decide to join in and meet some new blogger friends. My giveaway will be apretty jar of scented bath salts and several small sachets filled with scented sea salt crystals. The winner will be able to pick the scent that they like for the items, it can be the same for all or different for each item . There will also be a few extra secret goods in the package. Until we meet again ~~smiles~~

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Which Jane Austen character are you

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

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The Times We Live In

I find that we all from time to time feel that we are not living in the right time or century. I have always found the Victorian times to be the most interesting to me. The way of life during these times were so vast. England ruled most of the world or so it seemed. The clothing was beautiful and the middle class was coming in to its own. A person with out a name or title could build an empire with just good old hard work. I'm drawn to this period both by the clothing and the life style of the avg. Victorian lady. How she went about her day, how she decorated her home, and how she interacted with other people. A very good friend of mine would always say that we were the ladies of the 1990's and that we didn't need man to help us with our work or hold the door open for us. I would laugh and say I much more prefer the 1890's. So come on guys hold the door, stand up when a lady enters the room, and I will give you my pretties smile and a big Thank You. For me good manners should never go out of style. So until me meet again ~~smiles~~