Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I will not be on line from awhile due to the fact that my father-in-law passed away on Monday. The family and I will be traveling to my husband's home town of Staten Island. Good-Bye for now.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

I want to wish everyone a beautiful and Happy Easter. I hope that all have nice weather for this holiday.

My Family and I are enjoying a slow and peaceful day. The little ones had an egg hunt and they had on their pretties dresses. There were baskets for all but no chocolate for Nana. (oh well).

So I will talk to everyone on the morrow. But for today I'll just sit in the sun and enjoy watching all the activities. Until we meet again ~~smiles~~

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I over did it a little the past few days, so I must slow down so that I do end up seeing the Doctor again. I was hard at work trying to get my Esty shop open, but it looks like it will be a few more weeks until I can get everything finished and photographed.

I have so many pretty things that I want to go on the Esty store. My Dh is helping me do the photos and my DS will be doing the tech work.

It has been so pretty around here. I looking forward to planting my garden. There are flowers all around here and the trees are blooming like crazy. I hope everyone is getting warmer weather as well.
So until we meet again ~~smiles~~

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I hope that all are having a Happy St. Patrick's Day. The family is all getting ready to enjoy the day, and looking for some green to wear. So big wishes for all. Until we meet again. ~~smiles~~

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday fun

It is a bright and sunny day for us, with highs in the 60's. My DH and I decide to make our DS one of his favorite meals. We had Cornish hen, rice, mushrooms, corn and some nice big dinner rolls. My Dh husband who know that I was still a little under the weather told me to go take a nap and that he would watch the food and cook the birthday cake. I saw no problem in that, in fact it was a great idea to me. So off I went to bed secure in the knowledge that all was in good hands. Buttt, what do I wake up to several hours later....the smell of burning cake. That's right DH had indeed put the cake in the oven, but had not gone and checked on it. Lucky it had only started to burn when he noticed it. So DS did not get his birthday cake, maybe tomorrow. So Happy birthday to You, Robert my Dear.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Enjoying the day

I'm enjoying a beautiful if not an occasionally wet spring day. I think, with crossed fingers, that spring has finally come to my part of Virginia. It has been so warm with a hint of a breeze that it just make you want to go outside and play. I'm still a little fuzzy with the pain killers that I'm on. So, I didn't go out to work in the yard or to start the garden. I look forward to the time when I'm no longer under the care of a Doctor. I have had 6 operations since Sept., all but one was related to my kidneys. The only good thing about it is that I still have both of my kidneys. They were not sure prior to my second to last operation if the left kidney was too damaged to keep, but it was fine.

I have been looking at garden books and flower catalogs, planning all the details of my garden. I'm having DH and DS to make me raised plants beds so that I will not have to bend to far. My DH is also making me more stepping stones and edges to make my garden a little bit of heaven. But before all this can be done and the garden started, the whole family will be doing a great deal of clearing of the backyard..

Tomorrow is DS birthday, so we will be doing something nice for him, but we are putting off the big plans that we had until I'm feeling up to traveling. We live in a medium size town so there isn't a lot for young people to do around here, so we go to the next largest city like Greensboro, NC or Roanoke, VA and Lynchburg, VA to go out to eat, shop the malls and just making it an all day party.

So until we meet again ~~smiles~~

Friday, March 14, 2008

Back again

I'm Back!!! I have been going these past few days because I was in the hospital having kidney stones removed. This kidney problem has been going on seen Sep. of 07. I'm not up and feeling much better. They (the doctors) think that all the stones are gone and they have given me a long list of what I can't eat. Have you ever notices that the list of can't eats are always far longer than the can eat...But the worst thing is that I can't eat chocolate. Poor little old me!!! So until we meet again. ~~smiles~~

Friday, March 7, 2008

Something for Spring

It been a busy day around here so I'm just going to leave you some pictures of spring. Enjoy Until we meet again ~~~smiles~~~

Thursday, March 6, 2008

House Plans and the Rules

AS we started to look for house plans we sat down and made a list of must haves. Now this list was hotly debated and much discussed, but finally narrowed it down a bit.

1. Porch: the house must have a fact several would be better
2. Fireplace: at least one but again several would be great
3. it must have both a Living Room and a Family Room
A. the family room is just that family room, here everyone meets, watches T.V., play games, can have hard playing here etc.

B. the living room..this room is where the pretty things live...where you have tea...quiet visits and no dirty blue jeans. Now don't get me wrong family is also welcome here as well.

4. Dinning Room: now this is where the pretty dishes big table to fit the whole china cabinet..the sideboard covered with great amounts of dishes food to feed said family...
5. there must be at least 4 bedrooms..but there could be more.

A. one for my pretty girls..made up just for them..girly and filled with all the things they love...Nana's girls room.

B. Guest room..this one is for the grownups that may come over to is made comfortable for them..and special.
C. one for my craft things if there isn't another place in the house made just for me..but I think I will have to add on to the plans a room for my things over and above the bedrooms...DH doesn't think the avg. bedroom is big enough.
6. a game room/computer multi media room..this is where all the electrial things will go to live and play.
7. the is have to be 2 or more bathrooms..not that I'm cheering to have that many to clean, but if you have ever been in a house that has more than one person living there, you know the need for multiple baths.
8. I need a pantry...a walk in one is the with a window even most be large..we plan to have another food storage area in the basement but the upstairs kitchen pantry is also a bigy.
9. now the areas for DH..there must be a garage...a work shop...and garden shed (large) all of these do not have to be part of the main house...the bigger the better and must be filled with all his tools (maybe than I can get them out of my front hall)hehehe
10. and the last...lot of land..beautiful land...and my family all around me...the children can build their own house on the land near by as well..that way the gran babies can just walk across the field to Nana's house..

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Country Life and Cottages

I really long to live in the country. My DH has promise me the house and land of my dreams, the only problem is that I don't think the house exist. I love cottages and I love farmhouses that have long porches that wrap around the house. I also love big Victorians house,so that leaves me with a crazy combo of a housee.. May some of you wonderful artist can come up with a house that fits it all. Then I will only have to plant the gardens and plan for the fruit trees and decide where to put the horses..I may even get some chickens. Well we still have to find the land, build the house and then go from there..all ideas are greatly welcome and all paintings, pictures and house plans are welcome as well... Until we meet again ~~smiles~~

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Mary Isabella over at has tagged me for six word memoir.

The rules are you post your's and may post a picture and link it back to who tagged you so we can follow it. Then you tag five more special people to play.

Longing to have a Country Life
Here are the lucky people I have tagged:

So thank you all for playing along, until we meet again ~~smiles~~

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Well it looks like I missed March 1st. But I'll make up for it some how..well maybe. March is a busy month around here. We have several birthdays on my husband's side of the family as well as his and my son's birthday...I'm not sure what I will do for their birthdays just yet, but I'm working on it..My DH isn't really into it is so hard to get him anything..when you ask him what he is always, I don't know, I'll think about it....and then he will say if I need anything I'll just go get it when I need it...that is so true...Now my son Robert is a little easier to buy for...if it is Electrical ...or game related...or loud...or sharp (swords, etc) he will like it....but this year he is campaigning for a car...Mom's car die (plus it wasn't cool anyway) so now he thinks that a nice fast sports car...would be great... I said if he was to get a car, it would have four doors and be big enough to carry car seats in it so that he could pick up his sister and the girls...LOL I'm a mean Mom...hehehe We will have to see, I think that we will pick one out that will suit us both so that he may use it when I'm not using it...then later we will help him get his own.... The first car is what Robert wants and the second one is what mom wants..... Which one do you think we will get. Until we meet again ~~smiles~~