Thursday, March 6, 2008

House Plans and the Rules

AS we started to look for house plans we sat down and made a list of must haves. Now this list was hotly debated and much discussed, but finally narrowed it down a bit.

1. Porch: the house must have a fact several would be better
2. Fireplace: at least one but again several would be great
3. it must have both a Living Room and a Family Room
A. the family room is just that family room, here everyone meets, watches T.V., play games, can have hard playing here etc.

B. the living room..this room is where the pretty things live...where you have tea...quiet visits and no dirty blue jeans. Now don't get me wrong family is also welcome here as well.

4. Dinning Room: now this is where the pretty dishes big table to fit the whole china cabinet..the sideboard covered with great amounts of dishes food to feed said family...
5. there must be at least 4 bedrooms..but there could be more.

A. one for my pretty girls..made up just for them..girly and filled with all the things they love...Nana's girls room.

B. Guest room..this one is for the grownups that may come over to is made comfortable for them..and special.
C. one for my craft things if there isn't another place in the house made just for me..but I think I will have to add on to the plans a room for my things over and above the bedrooms...DH doesn't think the avg. bedroom is big enough.
6. a game room/computer multi media room..this is where all the electrial things will go to live and play.
7. the is have to be 2 or more bathrooms..not that I'm cheering to have that many to clean, but if you have ever been in a house that has more than one person living there, you know the need for multiple baths.
8. I need a pantry...a walk in one is the with a window even most be large..we plan to have another food storage area in the basement but the upstairs kitchen pantry is also a bigy.
9. now the areas for DH..there must be a garage...a work shop...and garden shed (large) all of these do not have to be part of the main house...the bigger the better and must be filled with all his tools (maybe than I can get them out of my front hall)hehehe
10. and the last...lot of land..beautiful land...and my family all around me...the children can build their own house on the land near by as well..that way the gran babies can just walk across the field to Nana's house..


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh that would definitely be my dream home too! It is gorgeous and sounds perfect!


Rosie's Whimsy said...

That is a great list to start with. You will find your dream house plan before you know it :-) Rosie

scrappysue said...

that all seems very doable katie! just make sure u get that craft space for you!!!