Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday fun

It is a bright and sunny day for us, with highs in the 60's. My DH and I decide to make our DS one of his favorite meals. We had Cornish hen, rice, mushrooms, corn and some nice big dinner rolls. My Dh husband who know that I was still a little under the weather told me to go take a nap and that he would watch the food and cook the birthday cake. I saw no problem in that, in fact it was a great idea to me. So off I went to bed secure in the knowledge that all was in good hands. Buttt, what do I wake up to several hours later....the smell of burning cake. That's right DH had indeed put the cake in the oven, but had not gone and checked on it. Lucky it had only started to burn when he noticed it. So DS did not get his birthday cake, maybe tomorrow. So Happy birthday to You, Robert my Dear.

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Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

too bad about the birthday cake!
:( Sorry to hear about your kidney stones. Hope they are all gone.