Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The first day of August and what a beautiful day it promises to be. I have been busy cleaning the house and plan to get to the outside on my next set of days off. This time of the year has got to be my favorite. Going into and becoming Fall, the nights are cooler and the days just seem more light and airy. And when the leaves start to change the colors are wonderful. Fall to me starts in August. It is time to plan our family days and start to look forward to Halloween. We (the whole family) loves Halloween and can't wait until it is time to show off our decorations and treats. August is also time to plan winter gardens and getting plants ready for spring flower beds. I love to get big fall colored Mums to put all around my house and in the planters at the end of the sidewalk. This fall we are redoing the landscape. My DH has poured my stepping stones, so we will be adding them to our gardens and yard. He has so many different molds it made picking the one I liked best so hard, but the hummingbirds won out. I wonder why.hehehe. I will post pictures when everything is stared.Until later..Smiles