Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Today I have been dreaming of food/butler pantries. I have been studying different books as well as web sites on pantries. I keep coming back to the old fashion ones. They seem to have more room and the lay out just seems to fit. One of my favorite is the one in the movie Practical Magic, I just love that kitchen, greenhouse, etc. I want that house!!! If anyone has the plans for that house, send them to me, please!!!

So until I get my dream house, maybe we will find an older house with an pantry. I can only dream. I would love to see what kind of pantries other bloggers have. I could use some ideas. So send me some links..

Until we meet again. ~~~smiles~~~

Monday, September 21, 2009

Another beautiful fall day to add to the list. We had a great weekend, our granddaughter spent it with us. I always enjoy having the girls over, they see things from such a different light than grown-ups do. I went and got them on Fri. so we could get some shopping done. My oldest granddaughter Miss Ginny loves little pets, so her idea of shopping was the toy department. Miss Keria's idea of shopping is chicken nuggets. So we usually end up going from one side of the store to the other, I should get points for miles walked. hehehe

Saturday was spent at the park. We have several in the area, but the one the girls love the best is the one that has a big playground and ducks. Again the only problem with this is the play area is on one side of the very large park and the duck are on the other side. DH and the girls plus the dog (General Lee) decide they would walk to the ducks. Now we are talking about a three year old and a five year old walking close to a mile and a half one way to get to the ducks. Within a very short time they want to rest. Than they wanted to go back to the car and drive to the ducks, but by that point we were in middle it was just as far to the ducks as it was to the car, so on we went. Finally we made it to the ducks , and with a giant bag of bread pieces the girls and Pop feed the duck, the General and I had to sit up by the trail because the ducks wouldn't come near the dog. The girls had a great time until we had to go back, Miss Keria wanted nothing to do with walking and had to be carried. By the end both girls were being carried and Nana and Pop were done. I think Pops will have to rethink the walking issue.

Sunday the whole family was going to go to church, but I some how putted my back during the night and was unable to get up to go. My DD and
SIL meet us at the house and took the children with them while Nana stayed in bed. I'm feeling much better today, but I'm taking it easy to make sure. I think it was all that walking. hehehe Until we meet again ~~~smiles~~

Thursday, September 17, 2009

It looks like I'm not the only one that is away from blogging land. I'm sure is must be because of the time of year. The starting of school and fall beginning the harvest.
I, myself, have been either out running trying to get things ready for fall and winter or in a corner reading. I can't seem to find a happy medium for what I need. Lately I have been drawn to books about being prepared. I'm not usually the type to get all hung up about one thing. But the more my husband and I look for and talk about what we want in a piece of land the more these things come to mind.
We plan to build our house, but have looked at several lots and farms that have houses on them. This brings up different questions. 1. Do we live in and fix up the house already there or 2. live in the house as is and use the money for the new house. 3.are we willing to give up some of the things we want, to get most of what we want.
We are working on a five year plan. To be on the land and have
our dream house finished or close to being finish. The only problem is agreeing on the land to buy. I gave myself and DH a deadline of May 2010 to buy the land, no if and or buts!!! So if it doesn't have the pond he wants on it, he can dig it, period!! So until we meet again ~~smiles~~

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It has been a busy last few days. I really enjoyed the freedom that not working has given me. I was able to go out of town with my DH on a business trip. While he worked, I got to play, this was so cool. This was one of the first business trip that I wasn't the one doing all the work and keeping the long hours. It was my dream that I could stay home and not worry to much about money. There were days when it seemed as if it cost more to go to work than what I was making. We planned long and hard for this day, but even with the planning I stopped working a little a head of the plan. It still worked out alright, because it wasn't a surprise.

One of the first thing we planned for was to have a good food storage that was to our family's needs. We also know just how much money we have and what we need to use each month. But the two biggest things we ever did was paid off
our house that we live in now and we have no credit cards. So if tomorrow cames and there were no jobs, no money coming in, we will have a place to live and food to eat. That makes it easy to sleep at night.

For now we are taking one day at a time, enjoying the cool weather and getting ready to look for fall apples to add to our pantry. So until we meet again. ~~~smiles~~~

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This time of the years has me thing about building up my food storage for the winter. I'm usually like the ant working on it all year round. But there is something about knowing that winter is a lot closer than it was just a few months ago. It is in this time I get the grasshopper quilts, did I do enough, did I forget something, have I not used something that should have been used so it won't go bad.

I just purchase a book Root Cellaring by Mike and Nancy Bubel. I have always wish for three things in our military moving life. 1.) A root cellar ( this bring memories of fresh veggie during long cold winters) 2.) A big walk in food pantry. ( I even had one once in an old house that we lived in off base. It was the first time I didn't want to move onto base.) 3.) a greenhouse. ( this brings memories of England with old stone or brick houses and garden greenhouse next to the houses. So I just had to purchase this book. A root cellar that you could do your-self (even in your basement ) and the does and don't of how to store. Buy it, you'll love it!
My next great idea is to have rolls and rolls of filled canning jars and a full pantry of the foods that my family loves and will eat. I think that is where a lot of people go wrong. They think that they have to have tons and tons of wheat and grains. But they don't really think of what their family will eat. Don't get me wrong I do store wheat and grains, but I also store tuna and chocolate, I wouldn't even try to tell you how many jars of peanut butter that I have stored or used over these many years. My granddaughter Miss Ginny could eat and live on peanut butter alone. I think that best food storage is the one that has the most variety that you can handle.

I wonder how I can talk my DH into digging a root cellar in my basement. Well I guess I will have to start cooking all his favorites and soften him up. hehehe I'll let you know how it goes.

So until we meet again ~~~smiles~~