Monday, September 21, 2009

Another beautiful fall day to add to the list. We had a great weekend, our granddaughter spent it with us. I always enjoy having the girls over, they see things from such a different light than grown-ups do. I went and got them on Fri. so we could get some shopping done. My oldest granddaughter Miss Ginny loves little pets, so her idea of shopping was the toy department. Miss Keria's idea of shopping is chicken nuggets. So we usually end up going from one side of the store to the other, I should get points for miles walked. hehehe

Saturday was spent at the park. We have several in the area, but the one the girls love the best is the one that has a big playground and ducks. Again the only problem with this is the play area is on one side of the very large park and the duck are on the other side. DH and the girls plus the dog (General Lee) decide they would walk to the ducks. Now we are talking about a three year old and a five year old walking close to a mile and a half one way to get to the ducks. Within a very short time they want to rest. Than they wanted to go back to the car and drive to the ducks, but by that point we were in middle it was just as far to the ducks as it was to the car, so on we went. Finally we made it to the ducks , and with a giant bag of bread pieces the girls and Pop feed the duck, the General and I had to sit up by the trail because the ducks wouldn't come near the dog. The girls had a great time until we had to go back, Miss Keria wanted nothing to do with walking and had to be carried. By the end both girls were being carried and Nana and Pop were done. I think Pops will have to rethink the walking issue.

Sunday the whole family was going to go to church, but I some how putted my back during the night and was unable to get up to go. My DD and
SIL meet us at the house and took the children with them while Nana stayed in bed. I'm feeling much better today, but I'm taking it easy to make sure. I think it was all that walking. hehehe Until we meet again ~~~smiles~~

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