Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just a short note to let all know what I have been up to.

I have been busy using this bad weather to work on my house. My plans are to have everything sorted and put away. Plus to clean out all my closets. It seems that every winter my closet get full, between old coats and jackets, to new winter items. So this year for every new item coming in an old item must leave. By doing this I hope to have the house finish by late Feb.

I have also been busy as ever working on my storage ( food, and household items). Winter time is a great time to rotate your can goods, and start your plans for your garden. I love getting and reading all the seed catalogs that come
in the mail this time of year. I want to add footage to my garden this year so that I can can more fresh food items to can.There is nothing better on a cold winter night than homemade soup using vegetables that you grew and canned yourself.
So until we meet again ~~smiles~~

Monday, January 11, 2010

Greetings to All. The start of the new year has came and life has settle down some what around our household. So it was time for me to get back to my poor blog. I hope the holidays were good for all. Our holidays were grand and we enjoyed having all the family around. Right now we are dealing with very cold weather as many are as well. We are doing a early spring cleaning. I have decided that while we were putting away our holiday decorations that we really needed to go though all the boxes that we have in our basement as well as our "office". If it didn't have anything to do with the area that it was in, we are going though them and putting them either where they belong or throwing it out. I was surpise how much we were able to par down in just a few days. I told my DH it was time to buy new stuff. LOL Well until we meet again ~~smiles~~

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another beautiful fall day has come. It will not decide whether it wants to be cold or warm around here.
So it is making it hard for me to finish the costume for Halloween. I want them to be warm enough for the little ones but not so warm that everyone is sweating. At the some time I don't want them too cool either.
My DS wants to be Oggie Boogie from the Nightmare before Christmas . I plan on going as a Virginia Colonialist and the girls are goings as Disney characters. Missy Ginny will be Ariel and Miss Keira will be Tinker Bell, wings and all. What a group we will be. My DD said that she is goings as the tried SAHM. hehehe I don't know why she is tried, I'm doing all the sewing. LOL I'm still trying to get DH and SIL to dress up, but so far no go. DH said he plans on dressing warm, not crazy. Party Pooper!!
Well I'm off to Hobby Lobby for burlap and lace. Keep your fingers crossed, I'm doing the Oggie Boogie costume without a pattern. Wish me luck.

So until we meet again ~~smiles~~

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me when I got back from several busy weeks away.

Marie from Cottage Homestead had awarded me the Honest Scrap Award

I love Marie's blog so must, she has some of the best recipes that I have ever tried. You must go and see her blog.
Here are the rules of the award.
1. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs to give this award to that you feel to be brilliant in contend and design.
2. Show the 7 winners links on your blog and leave a comment informing them that they have been given the "Honest Scrap"
3. List 10 honest things about yourself that people may not know.

Well, I'm pretty boring but here we go on the 1
0 things about me.

1. My favorite color is pink.
2. I would have a house full of girly-girl things like lace, roses, etc. but my husband said he couldn't live in house that was all pink. hehehe
3. I love this area of Virginia, the seasons change so nice here.
4. I'm a Latter-Day Saint (Mormon)
5. I don't have an average LDS family. We only have t
wo children. (one of each)
6. We wanted a bigger family, but due to medical reasons this was not to be.
7. We are big on having a good food storage.
8. I always include my daughter and her family in our numbers, even thou she has her own storage.I know that if anything bad happens they will come to us.
9. I have the odds Christmas wish list. a hand crank
food/wheat mill, a big black cooking pot for making soaps, canning jars and a jelly safe.
10. My son teases me that we are just as odds as my Christmas list. That we eat home-canned fruit off antique china.

The 7 blogs that I picked are ones that I go to time a
nd time again. They along with Marie's blog are blogs to visit.
1. Between Naps on the porch
2. Blueberry Cottage
3.Bunny Rose Cottage
4.Coffee Tea Books and Me
5. Hospitality Lane
6. The Stone House http://makeminegrilled
7. La Rea Rose
So until we meet again ~~~smiles~~

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Today I have been dreaming of food/butler pantries. I have been studying different books as well as web sites on pantries. I keep coming back to the old fashion ones. They seem to have more room and the lay out just seems to fit. One of my favorite is the one in the movie Practical Magic, I just love that kitchen, greenhouse, etc. I want that house!!! If anyone has the plans for that house, send them to me, please!!!

So until I get my dream house, maybe we will find an older house with an pantry. I can only dream. I would love to see what kind of pantries other bloggers have. I could use some ideas. So send me some links..

Until we meet again. ~~~smiles~~~

Monday, September 21, 2009

Another beautiful fall day to add to the list. We had a great weekend, our granddaughter spent it with us. I always enjoy having the girls over, they see things from such a different light than grown-ups do. I went and got them on Fri. so we could get some shopping done. My oldest granddaughter Miss Ginny loves little pets, so her idea of shopping was the toy department. Miss Keria's idea of shopping is chicken nuggets. So we usually end up going from one side of the store to the other, I should get points for miles walked. hehehe

Saturday was spent at the park. We have several in the area, but the one the girls love the best is the one that has a big playground and ducks. Again the only problem with this is the play area is on one side of the very large park and the duck are on the other side. DH and the girls plus the dog (General Lee) decide they would walk to the ducks. Now we are talking about a three year old and a five year old walking close to a mile and a half one way to get to the ducks. Within a very short time they want to rest. Than they wanted to go back to the car and drive to the ducks, but by that point we were in middle it was just as far to the ducks as it was to the car, so on we went. Finally we made it to the ducks , and with a giant bag of bread pieces the girls and Pop feed the duck, the General and I had to sit up by the trail because the ducks wouldn't come near the dog. The girls had a great time until we had to go back, Miss Keria wanted nothing to do with walking and had to be carried. By the end both girls were being carried and Nana and Pop were done. I think Pops will have to rethink the walking issue.

Sunday the whole family was going to go to church, but I some how putted my back during the night and was unable to get up to go. My DD and
SIL meet us at the house and took the children with them while Nana stayed in bed. I'm feeling much better today, but I'm taking it easy to make sure. I think it was all that walking. hehehe Until we meet again ~~~smiles~~

Thursday, September 17, 2009

It looks like I'm not the only one that is away from blogging land. I'm sure is must be because of the time of year. The starting of school and fall beginning the harvest.
I, myself, have been either out running trying to get things ready for fall and winter or in a corner reading. I can't seem to find a happy medium for what I need. Lately I have been drawn to books about being prepared. I'm not usually the type to get all hung up about one thing. But the more my husband and I look for and talk about what we want in a piece of land the more these things come to mind.
We plan to build our house, but have looked at several lots and farms that have houses on them. This brings up different questions. 1. Do we live in and fix up the house already there or 2. live in the house as is and use the money for the new house. 3.are we willing to give up some of the things we want, to get most of what we want.
We are working on a five year plan. To be on the land and have
our dream house finished or close to being finish. The only problem is agreeing on the land to buy. I gave myself and DH a deadline of May 2010 to buy the land, no if and or buts!!! So if it doesn't have the pond he wants on it, he can dig it, period!! So until we meet again ~~smiles~~