Thursday, May 22, 2008

My DH has gone to Fla. on family business so it is pretty quite around. So my DS and I have decide it will be a "chill" weekend. I have been enjoying my-self reading blogs and catching up on all my reading. My DS who will be taking some classes this summer is trying to pick classes that will go along with his degree but will be enjoyable as well. He is a business major but he has been taking some computer classes and he really seems to like them a lot. To me he is a computer whiz, he does all the tech work for me, if wasn't for him, I would still not know how to upload pictures. The college offers a class on computer repair and design where the students get to build their own computer. He is looking forward to this class. This summer I'm taking a Web Page Design class along with him. It should be interesting to take a class with him. He likes to tease me because even thou I have a degree in Mathematics and Science, I'm so bad on a computer. I tell him that computers are not my area of expertize. But I do turn the tables on him when he comes to me for a math or science question...he always gives me the same line..."who needs Algebra and Calculus in all boils down to dollars and cents." I can't fight the point, but I do tell him he needs to be smart enough to count the dollars and cents..hehehe
Well, back to the chill time, I have a big pile of books to read that I have been putting off for several months. You would think that all the time I spent in the hospital that I would have gotten to them but I was just not able. It took so much energy just to keep my eyes open, so reading was not high on my list of things to do. All I wanted to do was sleep, but I guess that was part of the healing. So one of my goals this summer is to get as many of them read as I can. A good book is something to treasure. I think I hear one calling me now, so until we meet again ~~smiles~~


LBP said...

Have a happy and safe holiday weekend!


celestina marie said...

Enjoy your "chill time" and your stack of books. Sounds like a wonderful time to me. Have a Happy Memorial Day!
la rea rose