Thursday, February 28, 2008

Baby its cold outside

It is so cold outside and the wind is blowing so hard it is shacking the windows. I sit here with freezing hands trying to write. And to top it off my DS says I'm whining..that its not that cold., now this is the same son who wants to move to either New England or Somewhere out west where they have real winters..I must have dropped him as a baby...where did I go wrong...I live in the South because its warm..remember!!! Now I want to learn to knit so I can knit me a full Body sock...hehehe..from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes...warm..warm... that's the theme for today Warm... Until we meet again..~~smiles~~


LBP said...

Waving Hello Neighbor!

I followed you from Pea's website. I too live in SW Virginia! And I'm sick and tired of cold weather. Bring on the Spring!



Mary Isabella said...

I think we are all ready for Spring....Mary

C.C. said...

Hi Katie! Thanks for visiting my blog! We got some fierce wind here yesterday. But now it seems a little bit warmer. I hope you're feeling warmer today! Spring is right around the corner!

Twinkle Pink said...

I'm looking forward to some warm weather too, sitting in the garden on a sunny warm day with a cup of tea is one of the best things I can think of at the moment lol.

Thanks for coming by my blog.
best wishes Ginny

Stacy Alexander said...

This has been such a hard winter for so many people! Spring is right around the corner, though. Hang in there.

I found your blog this morning just cruising through other people's blogs and clicking on the links. It has been a thoroughly pleasurable read.

Stacy Alexander