Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What is a name

Becky K over at Hospitality Lane asked me how I came up with the name of my blog. I have also wonder at times how some people come up with the names of their blog as well as their Esty shop, etc.

Well it is a simple answer in my case. One of my most favorite birds is the hummingbird..I love the colors of the birds, the fact that they are so small but fly around buzzing at top speed. My husband has said many times that I'm like a hummingbird buzzing from one activity to another. When I first started to read other peoples blogs, I noted that the names were so much a part of the blog, so I had to have just the right name. SOO...a hummingbird stopping to chat was the idea....Hummingbird chats ...now that I'm starting a Esty business I have used part of the name for my local business... Hummingbirds_and_briars ...the new Esty store will be Hummingbirdsnbriars ... so I hope all will came and visit when I get it set up..Now I just need to find some one to design the site for me. A little Victorian, lots of pink, and green...plus hummingbirds and briars...flowers all around. I'll would love some ideas of what people like..right now I have balt salts .... sachets...tags, and cards...candleholders w/glass shades...lap desks...aprons..stepping stones (we have several different designs including hummingbirds) we are adding Victorian bed jackets, spice rack (very shabby chic looking) and many more items we are dreaming up every day....So I hope we will be up and working no later then the first week in March.. Until we meet again ~~smiles~~


Becky K. said...

Wow! That was a fast response to my question. Thanks!

I love it. It is just about what I expected.

We love to watch the hummingbirds when we are in the mountains of Northern Pa. They seem to enjoy each other's company.

Becky K.

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Thanks for stopping by for a visit today. I love Hummingbirds, too. We put out feeders for them when it starts to warm up and love it when they fly right up to you so see what you are doing. :-) Rosie

Just Between Us Girls said...

I love your name and hummingbirds too. I love the photograph of your daughter and her family and I love the photo of your girls. I am sure your offerings will be wonderful.

Mary Isabella said...

I adore your name it is right,,,Smiles

freebird said...

You are asking about designs for your shop. While looking through all the blogs for OWOH I came across http://rioosodesigns.etsy.com/
She sells banners, business cards etc. Some are predesigned but she also does custom designs and her prices are great. Check it out.

Hummingbirds remind me of my Dad. They were his special bird.

Good luck with your etsy shop.