Friday, February 1, 2008

The Beautiful Month of February

I have to say that February is my favorite month of the year. Most people call it a cold and grey month, but not to me. This is for several reasons 1)the color Purple (why you ask the color purple, read on) 2) the birthstone of the month Amethyst 3) the flower of the month Voliets (now do you see why the color purple) 4) the most inportant reason of all ...its my birthday Month..***cheers*** and I guess you can count in that other inportant holiday (now what is it called??? oh yah...Valentines Day reason #5) hehehe. And this year I get to enjoy an extra day too, isn't great. So for this February I put out a find something good, and enjoyable about February. Until we meet again ~~smiles~

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freebird said...

Happy birthday to someone who has been married for less years than me so must be younger than me! Hope you have a wonderful day, month and year.