Friday, February 22, 2008

Mans' best friend

My husband, who is the proud owner of a nice looking black lab, is now out walking same said dog. hehehe. Why do you ask am I giggling? Well the answer is this, it is so cold and wet out side. When my husband first came home with General Lee, (a good southern name) I told him that I'm not a dog person. This does not mean I would be mean to any animal, but from a very young age (when I was almost eaten by a Great Dane) I have been very fighten of most dogs bigger than a bread box. But my DH just had to have this dog, he said that I would not have to do anything with the dog. Soooo..I said okay, but remember this is going to be your dog. Now the Gereal had other ideas..first he started with the big eyes when he wanted pets..and then the wagging of tail to get me to look at him. My Dh take this dog every where, he will set in the first seat of DH's truck like he is the king of the road. He can hear Dh's truck miles before us humans can and he waits at the door like Dino...He sleeps on DH's chair when he is at work and wait for him to come home. General still thinks that he can get me on his side and that I will be his best friend. Well maybe some day, I do pet him every once in awhile and I will feed him when Dh is in a rush, but I still draw the line at walking him in the cold, wet, snow, and the dark...maybe this spring in the warm sun shine I'll go walking with him....Not!!! until we meet again ~~smiles~~


Debbie said...

Hi Katie....thanks for visiting my blog today! General Lee looks like a big baby draped over that chair in your picture...:) I hope you will make friends with him before me, once a dog befriends you he is your best friend for life! Your little granddaughters are just beautiful. I'm bookmarking your blog so I can visit often!

Best regards,
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Betty said...

What a beautiful creature....I am a dog person....he will be a faithful, loving companion......

Thanks for visiting with me and commenting on the silver basket...probably geraniums will find a home in it.....Betty

scrappysue said...

hey katie - i've been tagged (my first official one as a blogger) and you're one of the (un)lucky ones!!! thanks in advance! sue

Kim G said...

I love the name of your dog! I am also not a dog lover (after a dog bite), but everytime we get a dog somehow it becomes mine. Our last dog (a black lab named Dolly) would lay it's head on my lap whenever I sat down and would pace behind me on guard when I did the dishes. My son keeps asking for a another black lab or a border collie, but until he shows responsiblity the answer will be no.