Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm slowly getting all my new pictures uploaded and well as a great many of my crafts worked on. I'm also getting all over do stuff packed and ready to send out to family and others.

I had to share the newest picture of the girls. I love how well this one came out. Miss Keria (the youngest) doesn't sit down for very long, so this picture is extra special because she is not only sitting but happy as well. Everyone who has had to try and get a child to be still for long know just what I mean. Miss Ginny also had to have a red, white and blue band aid for her booboo so that she matched in the picture. She is the princess of the family,and at almost five , she is so into fashion and having the best outfits. Good thing Nana is ready to spoil on command. hehehe

I hope all is well with everyone and until we meet again. ~~smiles~~

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