Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Today has been just one of those days.
I know everyone has had them too.
But, you could say it has been
one of those weeks. As you know from my last post we were busy in our yard as well as cleaning our house. This is an on going things(cleaning the house) it seem to me. You would think with one less person (my daughter Andrea) living with us that the house would be cleaner, but NO. I think that the cat and the dog go around messing things up just so I would have to clean it. Well that is my story..and I'm sticking to it. :0)
We were also busy planning our Fall and Halloween decor and yard display and than the world (life) throws us a curve ball. Last Tues. the 18th after a very nice dinner, I was rushed to the hospital with the worst pain I have had seen labor. The doctor said that I had both kidney and gall stones. And to make matter even worst I had stone in both kidney and they needed to come out, NOW. So in the hospital I go to have the stones on the right removed. The next thing I was told was that I needed the gallbladder out, no and ifs or buts about. SO tomorrow I go to get the gallbladder out, the only good thing about it, is that it will on an one day surgery thing. I still have to go about the left kidney. They are sending me to Duke for that one. The stone is blocking the kidney so they are not sure what or how they are planning to get it yet. I need more test when I get to Duke. You would think after all this life would give me a break, but again its NO. My youngest grand daughter Keria is at Duke, she has been very sick and they are trying very hard to make her better. My oldest grand daughter Ginny is here with us while her parents are down at Duke with her sister. We hope for the best!!!
My son has decide he will get the house ready for Fall and Halloween while everyone is at the different hospitals. He has been so great taking care of Ginny and keeping her busy so that she doesn't miss her parents and sister too much. He has taken some pictures and I hope to post some when I get them developed.
When this crazy time is over I hope to get to all my crafts done and post some pictures of them as well. Keep us in your thoughts. Until we meet again..Bright Smiles to All.

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