Sunday, July 15, 2007

It has been awhile seen I'd have time to write on my blog. So lets get caught up. We had a great time at the festival. It was a real learning experience, the first being what kind of tent to bring.hehehe. There were high winds the first day and we thought we would fly off to Oz. the camp cover that we were using just couldn't stand up to the winds. My dear husband come to the rescue by going to Wal-Mart and buying a great tent that not only stood up to the wind but could be put up by one person if need be. love it, love it!!! After beating back the wind the rest of the festival when smooth as silk. The whole family joined in to make it a wonderful time. There was only two thing that was a problem,s one being that DH said we were spending all the profits at the other booths. hehehe, and the other was that all the pictures we took didn't come out. We will bring more than one camera with us to all other shows, that way we hopefully will get some if not all our pictures. I really feel that it was the film and not the camera but who knows

Now update on everyday life...I been busy in the garden as well as the house and craft room. Plus spending as much time with my grannbabies as I can. The youngest Miss Keira will be one on the 18th. time does fly as they say. She is already walking and has been seen she was 9month old. she follows big sissy Miss Ginny everywhere, up to and including down the front steps. This was not a good thing, both Mommy and Sis learned to watch her closer. But all is well and good. She went back to following big sissy and chasing the cat all with out slipping a beat.

My daughter and I have been going flea marketing and yard sales. We have gotten some great deals. I got a beautiful early 1900's dresser that was just the right size for the corner in my bedroom. This DH now uses, he now has his own dresser and he says that he knows now that my stuff will not take over his drawers. hehehe I only spent $15.00 and it was in wonderful shape, dove tail joints and everything. I asked the lady who was having the sale if that was the right price, and she said it was just an ugly old dresser, so with a smile on my face, it when home with me. My daughter is working on getting a 12 pc. set of stemware to go with her bridal china, (it has only been six years seen she got married,for her to decide on her stemware)she has decided on a floral design on depression glass. So we are now looking for either a vine pattern or something like that, so that it goes with the garden theme of her china.. Any ideas on pattern names?? let me know.

Well time to end this, until next, great lives....

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