Friday, May 4, 2007


During this time of the year all I can think about is flowers.I need to do other things but all the flower books and catalogs just seem to find their way to my desk..They creep in with the mail and I think the other day the cat brought one in. So I finally just stop fighting the need to look at all the beautiful flowers and made an order...Herbs and flowers by the dozen. The back yard needs a whole new make over. With all this new additions to the yard and garden will be just the start of the over all changes to the yard. This year we are going to fence in the backyard along with adding raised flowers beds. We are doing this for many reasons, but the most important one being my wonderful grand babies.I wanted them to be able to have a safe place to play.. The older grand girl Miss Ginny (and little Miss Keira will follow right along) loves snakes and in this part of the country..southwestern Virgina..picking up snakes is not the best idea. Now they can have just the place where they can run, jump, and do all the things children will do. Hopefully we can keep out the crawly and creeping things out of our little piece of the garden.

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