Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I finally have gotten around (well my son that is) has finally gotten around to uploading the picture of my daughter and her family. This is the first family picture that they have been able to get done. Nana (that's me) got the dresses for my darlings for Christmas 2006. My DD
thought that the dresses would be perfect for the family pictures.
Keria the youngest was just about 5 months at Christmas and now she is a big 1yr. old. Ginny (aka. big sis)had a new haircut for the family pic. As you can see she was not happy about sitting on Santa's lap. She was all for it until the child ahead of them started to cry, then she didn't want anything to do with the idea, DD had to talk her into it. They are both Mommas girls and both wanted Momma to hold them in the family pic. All the pictures were great and I plan to add more later. Now all have to do is get some pictures of the rest of the family. I haven't gotten a picture of my DS in about four years, he is not the picture taking type. I also have no pictures of myself and DH. My biggest plan is to get all of us together for this Christmas for pictures.
Well until next time...smiles

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