Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I have been working on my garden alot lately. It seems to be one of the few places I can go and just have quiet time for me. DH was kind enough to make me several hummingbird stepping stones as well as some very pretty pavers for my garden. I took many pictures but the only one to come out clear was this one. Good thing I don't make my living as a photographer. hehehe Well it would be a great way to lose weight being a starving artist. I will have to try and get some better pictures of the great garden items. We (DH and I) drove all around town trying to find a pot to fit a stand that an older friend gave me. It has two rings for plants or plates, I wanted a clay pot for the smaller ring and a glazing ball for the larger top ring. Every pot we tried was ever too small or too big, I felt like Goldilocks. Also at the same time we were trying out glazing balls, again the same problem. We finally found a pot that fit the bottom ring and was a color that I could live with, but needed a few added pretties. The glazing ball was not to be found, so off to the web to look. I think we may have found just what I want. So when it comes I will try (key word) and get a picture. Keep your fingers crossed. A course by the time I finish all the little special things I want for my garden it will be Fall and I'll have to put everything up for next year.... Sigh... DH said to just make it Fall looking and go from there, I'll have to see how that would work. So until we meet again. ~~~smiles~~~

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Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

HI Katie. Welcome from Stone House! Yes you may borrow the video. Absulotly....it came from you tube, so It belongs to any of us. It tickled my funny bone! I am crossing my fingers LOL that you do get some pictures of your garden posted before it does become fall! Come back and see me again. :-D