Tuesday, April 10, 2007

To start with

Well here I'm starting my first blog. My son tells me that this is a small feat of magic. The reason being is I'm not that great at using a computer. So putting this a side lets get started.
Right now my family and I have been very busy getting really for a big craft fair. We have been working on new scents for our bath soaps and salts. I have been working on tea cup candles; these were a big hit the last time we made them. I will have to go to more yard sales and flea markets to find orphan tea cups to have a bigger inventory for later.This will so broke my heart(hehehe). I will have to make some pictures to share. I'm off to the craft room to do some more work, until later...smiles

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Sharon said...

Congratulations ong etting your blog started!!